Dating Safety

Meeting someone for the first time is always going to be a little bit exciting with the growing anticipation and expectations built up over the months before whilst chatting and exchanging emails. Meeting someone you have been introduced on the internet should be just as exciting and rewarding as any other medium, providing you have taken sensible precautions and don’t throw caution to the wind by being overly eager or reckless.

We are sure you’re careful and view new meetings with a common sense approach as your old enough to know better.
Just as a reminder here is few general safety tips we would recommend you follow just in case you have over looked them.

Unfortunately there are some individuals who are not as nice as they seem and you should be extra cautious if you have family before you divulge your address to someone you are not that sure about. Dating Sites such as Dating Over 50 has a privacy policy that protects your identity and personal information.

This is not always the case with every dating site that earn revenue from passing on members details to advertisers which means you will be the recipient of unwanted mail and junk mail some of which may be possibly tasteless.

Choose a dating site that enables you to BLOCK unwanted messages from profiles of potential unwanted admirers who don’t take the hint and may pester you with online messages.
Most sites offer this BLOCK USER button which includes Dating Over 50. The site satisfies you that the members are of the age that you want to be associated with. When it comes to uploading images to your profile and creating the information, it is the opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light and not use it as forum to state what you don’t like about yourself or previous partners instead focus on the positives and present yourself as a friendly approachable person that is not still wincing from a hurtful relationship or bad experience as no one wants to read that on your opening profile after all you are trying to attract the opposite sex not frighten then away.

Upload a recent picture that is a true representative of what you look like as this greatly improves your chances of communication and avoids possible disappointment and excuses if you get to meet someone.
Before you agree to meet someone get to know them as well as you can and always cross reference the information they tell you to make sure there are no inconsistencies. Do not reveal your home address, place of work or any phone numbers before you first meet. Do not agree to meet anyone unless you have exchanged a good degree of messages via the site. Try to double check that your contact is genuine - ask a lot of questions and if you find any inconsistencies or think they are hesitant in responding be wary. Do not pursue any friendships if the contact wants to borrow money for whatever reason and however genuine it sounds, and do not reveal financial details of your own.

Meeting for the first time Arrange to meet for the first time in a busy, public place and keep the meeting light-hearted. Take a friend with you if you are at all nervous. It is also wise precaution to inform a close family member or someone you trust that has your interests at heart where you are going and who you are meeting - preferably give them a photo. Let your date know you are doing this and they will not be concerned if they are truly genuine.

Always use your own transport or take a taxi and leave if you feel at all uncomfortable, and if you have travelled any distance and you are staying overnight somewhere, do not reveal the name of your hotel.
At a convenient time phone your home contact during the date and/or as soon as you get home to let them know all is well. Do not invite ANYONE back to your home after the first date - get to know them better first.
Finally after all those points do try and enjoy yourself we only want you to be safe.