Dating over 70

What is dating over 70?

Dating over 70 pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. It provides a platform and a space for all those people who are over 70 years of age to find someone else of a similar age to spend their retirement with, and rise of the internet and it’s accessibility for everyone has made dating over 70 more popular than ever.

The number of people who are still looking at dating over 70 is staggering, and we have users who are over 100 years old who are looking for people to spend time with. Love might have a slightly different meaning to those dating over 70 than it did when they were in their twenties, but it’s still important, and there’s no shortage of people who are looking for love, regardless of their age.

Dating over 70 has become even more popular with the rise of the silver surfer, a generation of internet users who were not bought up with the World Wide Web, but who have learnt to use it as they near retirement and silver surfers now make up a large proportion of internet shoppers and web users.

Those who are over 70 and end up alone as a result of a death of a loved one, or through divorce may be tempted to spend their final years alone, a lot because they don’t feel that they have a choice, but there are thousands of people in a similar situation who are looking for someone to go on holiday with, spend time enjoying fine wines and foods, or just people looking for someone to keep them company, and the growth of the internet has enabled these people to come closer together.

How does dating over 70 work?

Dating over 70 works in a very simple way, and provides a platform for those over 70 to find other people in a similar situation as they are in. Those looking at dating over 70 will create their own profile, which will highlight their likes and dislikes, and tell others the sort of person they are looking to spend time with.

The dating over 70 system will also ask a series of questions, and the answers you give will be used to suggest like minded people for you to send messages to, and possibly meet up with if you feel that they are you type.